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Mobile Bluebox

Datavideo CKL-100 is a combination of a dual colour (Green & Blue) LED ring and a unique retro-reflectiveback drop cloth, which is embedded with tiny glass beads. The LED light ring is mounted on the lens of the camera, and projects a highly directional green or blue light on the back drop cloth. Thanks to the embedded glass beads, light is then reflected back to the camera creating a perfect green or blue background, providing you with an excellent keying result with very little effort. The dual colour LED ring is particularly useful if your key is setup to green and someone turns up wearing green. With CKL-100 you can simply switch the LED colour to blue and continue keying The 2 x 1.25m(w) x 2.5m(h) retro-reflective back drop with Velcro on the left and right hand side allowing users to use either one cloth on its own, or join them together to form a single 2.5m x 2.5m background (approx). Additional optional cloths, for extended spread, are available. The unique backdrop will even allow you to get away with having the odd crease line, and the whole system is extremely quick to setup.

Demo-Video CKL-100


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