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Camcorder 3D-Professional

Panasonic AG-3DA1 Twin-Lens Full HD3D Camcorder

The world’s first*1 integrated twin-lens full-HD 3D camera recorder

This product is the world’s first*1 professional twin-lens full-HD 3D camera recorder. Current professional 3D systems are large-scale setups in which two cameras are fitted to a rig in parallel, or vertically intersect across a half-mirror. Separate recorders are also required. In the Panasonic's new full-HD camera recorder, the lenses, camera head, and a memory card recorder are integrated into a single, lightweight body. This is much less expensive, smaller, more portable, and easier to maintain than the current professional 3D systems.

Equipped with convergence-point*2 adjustment and automatic horizontal and vertical displacement correction functions

The twin-lens system adopted in the optical section allows the convergence point*2 to be adjusted. Functions for automatically correcting horizontal and vertical displacement are also provided. Conventional 3D camera systems require these adjustments to be made on a PC or an external video processor. This new camera recorder, however, will automatically recalibrate without any need for external equipment, allowing capturing 3D image immediately.

The solid-state memory file-based recording system enables high-efficiency production workflow for 3D videos

Right and left full-HD video streams can be recorded as files on memory cards, ensuring higher reliability than on other media. Eliminating moving parts helps to significantly reduce maintenance costs. Users also enjoy a fast, highly-productive file-based workflow.

*1: As an integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder capable of recording full-HD video to its memory card. As of January 2010 (based on our investigations).
*2: The point at which the left and right-camera lenses’ optical axes converge.

The twin-lens system lets you adjust the convergence point for recording 3D images with natural-looking depth.

The two independent optical systems add flexibility to expressive 3D image recording.

Automatic correction of left-eye/right-eye image deviation within the camera.

Equipped with two 1/4.1-inch Approx. 2.07 megapixels MOS units for left-eye and right-eye images.

The recording system uses AVCHD Pro high-image-quality PH mode. Full-HD left-eye and right-eye images are recorded in sync onto two SDHC Memory Cards.

Switchable 59.94Hz/50Hz for worldwide recording capability.

Recording Format

When set to 59.94 Hz

When set to 50 Hz


1080/59.94i, 1080/29.97p,
1080/23.98p (Native)

1080/50i, 1080/25p




* In the Native mode, AG-3DA1 records only active frames.

The lenses, camera head and recorder section are integrated into a compact body. Unlike a conventional rig-type 3D camera system, this model brings excellent flexibility and mobility to FULL HD 3D recording.

Lightweight camera body weighs less than 2.8 kg (Approx. 6.17 lb.) for excellent mobility.

Equipped with a 3.2-inch (16:9) side-mounted LCD monitor with approx. 921,000 dots. Lch/Rch/overlay switchable display.

Equipped with HDMI 1.4 (frame and field sequential output) in addition to HD-SDI (x2, simultaneous).

Built-in Stereo microphone.

Provided with an XLR Audio input terminal for line recording in halls, studios, etc.

Equipped with remote terminal for focus iris, zoom, REC start/stop, and convergence point.

Auto REC function for control of REC start/stop of an external recorder connected by SDI.

*1: As an integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder capable of recording full-HD video to its memory card. As of April 2010 (based on our investigations).


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